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Places, Prices and Times

We offer good value for money whilst at the same time maintaining the highest of standards.

Small groups, single level, quicker learning, expert teachers.

Weekly Group Lessons

Generally English and Hungarian group classes are taught in 90 minute sessions, once a week.

Advanced Group Timetable - 1117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 74 
Advanced English ClubTuesdays18.45-20.15
Advanced English ClubWednesdays10.00-11.30
Advanced English ClubWednesdays18.00-19.30
Caledonia Scottish Bar and Restaurant, Mozsar u.9, Ker VI, Budapest.
Advanced English ClubMondays18.15-19.45

English Courses

Group Fees      
General fee : 10 sessions 23.000 HUF  (1,150 HUF per 45 minutes)
(20 double lessons).

Full course: 30 sessions 58,650 HUF (978 HUF per per 45 minutes) if paid in full before start of the course. Easy Chat Course 30 sessions of 45 minutes 29300 HUF.  (Does not apply to Advanced English Club Course, Silver Premium or Business courses).

* Silver Premium Courses for the over 5O’s.
General fee: 6 sessions: 9,000 HUF (750 HUF per 45 minutes).

For business courses refer to the Business courses page.

Hungarian Language Courses

Group Fees      
General fee : 10 sessions 23.000 HUF  (1,150 HUF per 45 minutes)
(20 double lessons)

(see below for one to one fees)

The Advanced English Club for C1 -C2 students has a rolling program and students can join this course at any time of year. For the other courses please ask about joining dates.

Students on the Advanced English Club course are on a flexible attendance system. Those with a busy lifestyle can miss a lesson and switch between groups without losing money.

The Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate B1 and B2 courses are each 30 sessions long for the full course. There are no books to buy for any of our courses, which makes them very great value for money

In our school all students are fully assessed to ensure they receive the teaching best suited to them as individuals. Groups are of one level which is the key to rapid development. In other schools groups are often of mixed ability and students complete courses at a much slower rate of progress than with us which costs a lot more in the long run.

TimesFee for each lesson 10 Sessions paid in Advance *
Monday to Friday
Rate per lesson
07.30 to 19.00
7500 HUF for 90 minutes
3750 HUF for 45 minutes
6500 HUF for 90 minutes
3250 HUF for 45 minutes *
09.00 - 14.00 7500 HUF for 90 minutes6500 HUF for 90 minutes

              (*For the lower rate, 65,000 HUF needs to be paid in advance)

Business English 1 to 1 courses cost 7500 HUF per 90 minute session or 65000 HUF for ten lessons. These are with one of our native English speaking teachers who has a business background.

General English 1 to 1 Skype lessons are available at 65000 HUF for 10 * 90 minutes or 20 * 45 minutes.


With us it is common for students to rise from B1 to C1 in around seven months of only two classes a week. 


Exam Preparation (1 to 1)
8 sessions 55.000 HUF. A mock exams is included (7*90 sessions plus 1*180 minutes session).


Duo lessons at 1117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 74

Monday to Friday
7.30 to 19.00 start time33,000 HUF per person / per 10 *90 minute session  (1650 HUF per person per 45 minutes)

All prices are shown inclusive of VAT (AFA) where it applies.

Places, prices and dates for special Business English courses are shown on our Business Courses page.

Prices for group and company one to one lessons at company premises are quoted individually.

Tuition at your home is available in Budapest. Prices are quoted individually to take account of the teacher's travel time. Typically the price is 6,500 HUF for a 90 minute lesson. Click here to ask for a quote

If you cancel a 1 to 1 or duo lesson more than 24 hours before the due time there is no charge. With group lessons if the course has a drop-in system (Advanced Club course) you may skip a lesson without losing any fee for up to five consecutive times during a course. With other courses you may swap groups if space is available to avoid missing a lesson. We do our best to be as understanding as possible.


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Swift Code/Bic: OKHBHUHB

Tax Number: 22934480-2-43